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PASS IT ON is the Youth Initiative of the Inter-American Division until 2020. On this page we will share upcoming events and activities for Adventist Youth in the South Bahamas.

Pastor Jamal Franklyn 
Youth Ministries Director

Patrick Wilson
Assistant Youth Ministries Director

Upcoming Events:

Youth Leaders Certification Program 2021
The Ministry of Youth is excited to launch another cohort of the National Youth Leaders Certification Programme, and this time it will be Virtual, which means ALL islands are welcomed to participate. This programme commences on the October 5th and lasts for 16 weeks. The primary goal is to strengthen social support systems and collaborate with key stakeholders in youth development; promote the participation of young people in decision making, professionalize the youth work sector and monitor and evaluate the progress of youth development in The Bahamas.

We hope to see you there! Be sure to follow the Division of Youth 242 on Facebook and Instagram!

Please click here to register, and feel free to share this information with other interested persons!


Please submit dates for Investitures by Monday, October 14th, 2019. Investiture services should be held during Divine Service to enlist all members in the Lord’s Army for these end times.  Names and classes of Investees must be submitted!


The Adventurer Camporee will be held on Sabbath, October 26, 2019.
Theme: God’s Favored Children

Please make orders for the NEW Adventurer scarfs and emblems. Stay tuned for the venue and cost of registration! Adventurer Bible Connection Finals will be based on the Book of Esther. Prepare your club for this exciting time in God’s Word!


The Adventist Youth Buffet Award Ceremony will be held at the Breezes Hotel, on Sunday, December, 15, 2019 at 6:00p.m.

Tickets are available to all members at the Adventist Book and Nutrition Center or Briel Jacques. Early Bird tickets are $60.00 until October 1, 2019. Late bird tickets are $80.00 after October 2, 2019.

Local Church Boards are asked to submit nominations for Awards by Monday, September 30th, 2019!

AYA will also recognize contribution of Leaders for the 70th Pathfinder Anniversary.

"General Description: PASS IT ON, is a mentorship program. It is meant to be a ministry that integrates youth and adults via the promotion of teaching knowledge, motivation, and leadership by adults who take a leadership role.

General Objective: To affirm our youth in the faith through training and strengthening of their ecclesiastic leadership and by advancing the vision of a Generation Transformed.

During the next five-year period the Inter-American Division has created the PASS IT ON initiative, this program is meant to mark a new change in the direction for our adolescents, youth, and young adults.

Panama 2019

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In the past, a separation between adults and youth has existed, both in the social and economic area, as well as in ecclesiastical matters. Due to this, a barrier was formed, causing the relationship between the different age groups to go unattended. For this reason, communication and instruction are important in order to influence the following generations to serve God from an early age.

PASS IT ON means to hand down the knowledge, motivation, and leadership the adults possess by teaching the youth from an early age and allowing for this knowledge to be passed down from generation to generation, in this manner will propagate the growth of a transformed generation.