Bahamian Pathfinders at  Camporee 2019
August 14 to 17, 2019

Read "Swamped at Oshkosh" from the North American Division Website

Photos & Videos

Our South Bahamas Conference Pathfinders participated in creating the world record largest human Cross. #Oshkosh2019  (Over 13,000 campers participated in make this cross)

The world's largest scarf at Comporee 2019

Sabbath morning

August 16, 2019: 1st Place Winner 14-15 Category Damani David Hillview Pathfinder Club. Thanks to Directors Camille and Lester who also participated in the 5k and represented 242

BELOW:  "Will you marry me?"  This youth leader asked his fiance to marry him on stage last night at Camporee 2019 before 57,000 people.  

First day, August 14, 2019.  

Our youth leaders with the General Conference youth leader

Bahamian on Hope TV with Brenda Walsh

Look who is serving the food?

Is this assembly time?

Below: "Goliath" on Wednesday night. David killed him on Wednesday night. You should have seen it.

The Bahamian and Division Directors

Patrick Willson, South Bahamas Conference assistant Youth Director, in photo below.

Opening night, August 13, 2019, 8:30 p.m.  This is the speaker for "Chosen" Camporee 2019


Below:  The Pathfinders on their way at Nassau International Airport August 12, 2019