GLOBAL YOUTH & CHILDREN'S  DAY 2019                         Youth Page

Global Youth & Children's Day (G.Y.D.) is an annual Seventh-day Adventist Church Global Youth event sponsored by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist Youth Ministries Department.

This is the time where the church through the youth, become the hands and feet of Jesus!

EVERYONE will worship outdoors during the worship hour to serve the community on Sabbath, March 16, 2019. They will be serving the community is various ways.  All the twenty-six Adventist churches on the island of New Providence and many of the church on the Family Islands will participate.

Attached are the documents and posters in 3 languages from General Conference (GC) and the Inter-American Division (IAD) to support this Global Mission Project! Please read, share and educate on your church boards!

The theme this year is ADOPT! ADOPTE! ADOPTA!

The official G.Y.D. T-Shirt: BE THE SERMON shirts! Color: Royal Blue! Blue represents our loyalty to our Mission and Character of Christ. This is in keeping with the emblems of Adventist Youth Ministries and for purposes of identification and solidity with the global initiative of G.Y.D. and Risk Management best practices. Churches that already have the official G.Y.D. T-shirt, would only have to make arrangements for newly baptized youth/members. Orders can be made at Dorsett Tee’s Company. The G.Y.D. T-shirt would also be used for Mission Transform 242.

Mission Transform 242:  At G.Y.D. this year, we launch and implement the I.A.D. Youth Department Mission project for local fields: Mission Transform (242). This is a National Mission Project, to be conducted monthly (we recommend the first Sabbath of every month. Choose with your church board what works in your local context) by local church A.Y.'s. Therefore, we encourage "leaders to choose projects that have the potential to be a sustainable form of activism throughout the rest of the year." G.Y.D. Philosophy, pg. 1. Therefore, Global Youth Day is not just one day! Not a Mission event! But, a Mission Lifestyle! For Mission Transform, please use your official G.Y.D. T-shirt, as this is a continuation project from G.Y.D. with the same goals and objectives!

Youth Week of Prayer 2019: Youth Week of Prayer in local churches, begins March 17-23, 2019. The Week of Prayer is Internal Evangelism and the theme for 2019 is: "Back to the Basics: Aspects of the Local Church!"  The power-point sermons will be available soon. Please use as far as possible, A.Y. Leaders and assistants to present for Total Youth Involvement!