SOAR Solution to Obstacles Adventist Retreat April 12 to 14, 2019   

PHOTOS FROM SOAR--Friday, April 12, 2019 with Pastor Michael Smith


SOAR Solution to Obstacles Adventist Retreat, April 12 to 14, 2019.  This program is designed to provide a forum for church leaders to discuss the challenges of ministry within the Seventh-day Adventist organization with a view to finding practical and relevant solutions.   There will also be training to equip present and future leaders.

Local pastors, local elders, deacons, deaconesses and interested persons are encouraged to register at your local churches or the Conference office. The venue for this event will be the National Training Agency on Gladstone Road.


Successful Strategies for Church Growth, Dr. Gordon Jones, Houston, Texas
The Power of Vision, T. Basil Sturrup
Succession Planning--Transitioning Youth for Leadership, Pastor Jamal Franklyn
Retention Strategies 101, Dr. Gordon Jones
The Leader and Managing Stress, Dr. David Allen
The Role of Women in Church Leadership, Pastor Michael Smith
Using the Health Message to Impact Your Community for Christ, Nathlyn LaCroix & Shandera Smith
How to Get Your Pastor to Listen, Dr. John Carey
Maximizing Media Opportunities in Your Church, Lavern Sturrup & John Garcia
The Layman and Sermon Preparation, Audley Mitchell
And more . . .

There will also be specialized training for elders, deacons, and deaconesses.