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Living a Transformed Life - February 9

Living a Transformed Life -- Logos for February 9, 2018--Transformation  is a  deliberate  practice,   day in and day out, until you realize who it is you want to be, and that you  already were all along (Nicolas Cole). I read these words from Nicolas Cole with great interest as our theme within the Inter-American division for the next sixteen months is Lord Transform Me. The question I would seek to answer today is: How does transformation take place?   Click HERE to view and print PDF Format

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Is the Church You Attend Relevant - February 2

Is the Church You Attend Relevant to the Age in Which You Live?

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If you   were asked to describe the church you attend in one word, what would that word be? Before you answer this question, I invite you to read this short article designed to make you evaluate the contribution ‘your church’ is making in your life, the life of the congregation at large, and the wider community. Sometimes I smile when I hear members within our conference beaming with pride while uttering the words, “I am Seventh-day Adventist…” “We are a prophetic movement…” “Or, we have the truth...” These statements are potent and truthful, but it does not mean that the church you attend is relevant. Allow me to use this forum to help us as a denomination appreciate the fact that preaching our distinctive doctrines does not guarantee that the ministries we provide as a church are effective or impactful. Neither does it mean that our members are experiencing revival and reformation.  SEE ENTIRE LOGOS FOR FEB 2, 2019

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