Adventist Bahamas - Logos

Logos: Jesus Is the Answer Gospel Series: Finding Solutions to Society's Ills through Faith

Logos: March 30, 2024: Click here to read | Click to download

In a world plagued by a myriad of problems ranging from political turmoil and social unrest to spiritual emptiness and economic instability, the cry for solutions echoes loudly across nations, including the Bahamas. During these challenges, the upcoming Jesus Is the Answer Gospel Series, from March 31 to April 27, 2024, seeks to offer a profound yet simple solution to society's ills – faith in Jesus Christ.

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Logos: Are Vegetarians Really Healthy?

Logos: March 09, 2024: Click here to read | Click to download

Some of the healthiest people on the planet are believed to be vegetarians. Yet almost too frequently we hear of them getting sick and dying from illnesses that non-vegetarians are dying from. Is this so or is the dietary lifestyle more magnified when they are ill or die? So, what makes a healthy vegetarian? Is it just the foods they eat or is it more?

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Logos: Ignite your prayer life

Logos: March 2, 2024: Click here to read | Click to download

The sun was at its peak of the day, and there was much anticipation and excitement in the air! All those living in the land of Israel were gathered on Mount Carmel, at the command of King Ahab, to witness a miraculous contest. On that day, these spectators were about to see who was indeed the true God.

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